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Founded in 1894, Wagner's is an American Company considered by many to be the industry leader in producing products for wild bird feeding. Much has been learned about feeding wild birds in the past 100+ years and Wagner's has always been in the forefront of companies interested in developing foods that birds like to eat. Wagner's, in our quest to produce products that attract Songbirds, uses only the highest quality grains and production methods to create our industry leading wild bird food products.

Wagner's has been "First To Market" bringing quality and innovation into the manufacturing and marketing process of creating wild bird food products. From the early days of offering the first Four Season Wild Bird Food Product to the present time of introducing beautiful stand-up, barrier proof, quad-seal packaging, Wagner's has shown continual leadership as a bird food company.

In the end though, it's all about the birds and the wonderful people all over America who have passion for our feathered friends and treat them as their outdoor pets. Wagner's salutes all those folks and hope they enjoy this amazing hobby for years to come.

Wagner's Products are available at some of the leading retailers in the United States. Please visit our FIND A RETAILER link to discover stores in your area that carry Wagner's products. If you want to learn more about backyard bird feeding, please visit our Backyard Bird Feeding sections. If you want to contact us, please go to the Contact Us link.

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