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Since 1894, Wagner’s has been producing high quality wild bird food products loved by birds all over America. Wagner’s uses only the cleanest and freshest ingredients that have been time tested by bird lovers to attract songbirds to backyard bird feeders.

The best way to attract beautiful songbirds is to give them the foods they like to eat and Wagner’s understands that requirement in developing Wagner’s blends. Birds are a lot like humans in their eating habits. Some of us like steak and lobster, or home-made breads and biscuits. Some birds like Sunflower and Nyjer Seed or Safflower and White Proso Millet. The key is to give the birds the types of foods they like and Wagner’s is the expert in doing that.

Wagner’s produces a variety of mixes that are geared toward attracting wild birds to backyard bird feeders in all price ranges. Consumers will find Value Blends, Deluxe Blends, as well as Gourmet Premium Blends as part of the Wagner’s portfolio. Additionally, Wagner’s offers Specialty Blends like Wagner’s Cardinal or Wagner’s Woodpecker Blend that are loaded with the types of seeds that the Cardinal and the Woodpecker love. Finch Lovers will find Wagner’s Finches Supreme the blend that gets colorful Finches dining on every port of a Finch feeder.

“Feed the Birds the seeds they like.” If you want to do that, another option is to feed Wagner’s Straight Specialty Seeds. You’ll find Oil Sunflower, Stripe Sunflower, Sunflower Chips, Safflower, Nyjer, and Cracked Corn available to spoil your birds by giving them “the seeds they like.”

Wagner’s – Your Friend in feeding wild birds for over 100 years.

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