Wagner's, an American company founded in 1894, boasts a rich history as the industry leader in producing and selling premium wild bird food products.  Wagner's is the oldest and largest privately-owned wild bird food products company in the United States, with a premier reputation that is unsurpassed in the industry.  Wagner's is well known for its high quality products and superior customer service provided over its 100+ year history of serving the wild bird feeding community.

Wagner's has always been in the forefront of the industry developing preferred foods for birds and easy-to-use packaging for consumers.  In our quest to produce the best products that attract the most songbirds and other preferred birds, Wagner's uses only the highest quality grains and production methods to create our superior wild bird food offerings.  Wagner's is pleased to be the leader in bringing quality products and backyard bird feeding joy to bird feeding hobbyists, experts, and enthusiasts everywhere!

Wagner's has been the trailblazer in leading innovation and quality in both the manufacturing and marketing of wild bird food products.  For example, Wagner's was the first company over 80 years ago to market and sell Four Season Wild Bird Food® for feeding year round - previously bird feeding was just a winter activity.  More recently, Wagner's was the first to design and sell 'slider-top' easy-to-use consumer packaging.

Wagner's has a prolific record of innovative 'firsts' within the industry:

•    First to market a “Four Season” all year Wild Bird Food (1930)
•    First to market Black Oil Sunflower Seed (1953)
•    First to market a re-closable bag of Wild Bird Food (1968)
•    First to market a “Deluxe” item of Wild Bird Food (1975)
•    First to market a “Premium” Item of Wild Bird Food (1983)
•    First to market a stand-up bag for easy storage (1998)
•    First to market with Regional Blends for optimal regional bird feeding (2006)
•    First to market a “Slider Top” easy-to-use package (2006)
•    First to market quad-seal slider package (2010)

Wagner's goal - through our superior wild bird food products, commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer service, and industry leading innovative practices - is to provide the absolute best wild bird feeding pleasure for our customers.  Your enjoyment is our success!

Wagner's products are widely available at many leading retailers throughout the United States.  Please visit our BIRD FEEDING FUNDAMENTALS page to learn more about the pleasures of backyard bird feeding.

Wishing you happy bird feeding!

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